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Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems)

Brother Squad – Metal Shooter proudly in top action games to play of GamesKeys.
Action games are one of the most popular games on any platform. Thousands of action games are published on daily basis, so sometimes some excellent games goes through under the radar, and they don’t get the appreciation from the users that they deserve, that is why we have created this list specifically to target those games, hopefully these games will keep you busy for the whole year.

Game NamePlatformPriceLinks
Reflex Unit 2PlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
WILD LeaguePlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Stickman Zombie ShooterPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Curling BuddiesPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
World Of EnderPlaystore$1.99SHOP NOW
Dark DaysPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Helicopter Gunship 3DPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Archaic: Tank WarfarePlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Autisarian RunPlaystore$0.99SHOP NOW
Fight For Glory 3D Combat ProPlaystore$0.99SHOP NOW
VR HorrorPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Zombie’s Got a PogoPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
MilkChocoPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
3DTalePlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Zombie Waves 3DPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
NinjasPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
FPS Sniper 2019PlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Brother SquadPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Horror escapePlaystore$1.99SHOP NOW
Chicken TournamentPlaystore$2.00SHOP NOW
Paintball shooting war gamePlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Deer Target ShootingPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Cattle Royale!PlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Aimbow ReloadedPlaystore$0.99SHOP NOW
Action SoldiersPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Horror Hospital® 3PlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Evil RisePlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW
Underground FightersPlaystoreFreeSHOP NOW

Reflex Unit 2

The year is 2039 and the planet has recovered after the events of Reflex Unit 1. Life seems safe, until a new larger army of remote control drones suddenly attacks strategic cities around the globe.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

WILD League

Wild League games take place in an outdoor natural arena where two groups of wild, heavily-armed animals fight for water in 3х3 Top-Down shooter. Protect yourself from wolf packs attacking your territory, keep enemy claws off the water in the center of the map, and don’t let other players collect bottles of water.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Stickman Zombie Shooter

Epic stickman fights and massive zombie attacks! Awesome Parkour moves: you can climb platforms and hang on high places! Incredible melee fighting combos!DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Curling Buddies

Put your finger on your character, drag your finger forward and aim at the target, the farther you drag, the more speed you get. Sounds easy? It’s not! You have to make sure to get the perfect glide, so max speed is not always a winning concept!DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

World Of Ender

Psycho Girl, Hacker and Little Square Face battle in the world of Ender. Fight the mobs and creatures and try to stay alive in a fun packed survival game. Advance in the 7 level worlds of Enderville, Ender PLaza, HoHo Village, Redne Mines, Elevator Power and Ender Realm. Keep your highest ranking score and try to beat it.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Dark Days

Earth is different now. An unknown epidemic nearly wiped out humanity, dooming it to an eternal struggle for survival. Almost the entire population was turned into bloodthirsty zombies. The apocalypse struck and cities were overrun with the walking dead. The military dropped nuclear bombs in the most infected areas, but it was too late. The epidemic was out of control. All hope was lost.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Helicopter Simulator 3D Gunship Battle Air Attack

VTOL aircraft Rivals forces are threatening to invade the country from the sea and take over the shoreline. Warships fleet and cobra helicopters are getting closer and closer to land, putting the nation into real danger of apache combat strikesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Archaic: Tank Warfare

Archaic: Tank Warfare is a World War 2 tank battle simulation game with realistic 3D graphics and advanced physics.
Experience challenging open field tank battle action with fluid and precise controls and difficult enemies.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Autisarian Run

Autisarian Run is an endless 3D runner game, it was created by an autistic boy who accidentally found the ability to write complex code from memory. He uses his game to block out the negative effects of autism. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Fight For Glory 3D Combat Pro

Engage in gruesome combats with various fighters to win your way back to glory in this ultimate fighting game. Enjoy different punch, kick, dodge, and special power moves. Unlock achievements and compete with your friends for high scores. This fighting game has amazing 3D graphics and high-quality music and sound effects.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

VR Horror

It is a sinister roller coaster ride through the dark scary horror asylum. Try to find keys and weapons or tools to succeed the mental hospital residence. Better be prepared for jumpscares, screams and puzzles, the evil is resident in these halls!DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Zombie’s Got a Pogo

The goal of this game is simple – avoid accidents as you try to reach farther than other zombie ragdolls on each new round! It’s an endless jumping game with bone crunching ragdoll physics set in a fun but dangerous world! Bounce your way to the top of the leaderboards and follow the trail of brains and tune up your zombie mannequin with collectible items and accessories!DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY


Using various heroes with different abilities, you can play various roles in battlefields such as ‘Assault’, ‘Deathmatch’, ‘Escort’ and ETC. Each hero can be raised individually, they also have own ‘ranking’, ‘weapons’ and ‘skill’.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY


Move with Stick. Attack, Jump and Eat Cupcake with Buttons. Turn Camera Around by Sweeping the Screen.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Zombie Waves 3D

Zombies? OH YEAH! 3D graphics and full 3D environments? OH YEAH! 100% free to play? OH YEAH! First Person Shooter FPS controls? OH YEAH! Guns? OH YEAH! Grenades? OH YEAH! Launcher? OH YEAH!DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY


Can your fingers catch the speed of the ninja? A great adventure will start to take back a stolen scroll! Many obstacles, including evil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, demi-humans, zombies, traps, castles, dungeons, will prevent your adventure!DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

FPS Sniper 2019

FPS Sniper 2019 is the latest action sniper shooting game with exciting new features and mechanics. Get ready to step into the shoes of a specially trained sniper soldier who is assigned all kinds of target missions to take out people that are danger to the society.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Brother Squad

Choose your commando or mercenaries trying to finish their mission to save the world, then go home and take a well-deserved nap.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

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